Sunday, 5 July 2015

Crafting in the Garden Summer Evening

Garden tea light holders

Our recent craft night was held in the garden of one of our
members. The theme was garden ornaments. Using old jars turning them into pretty night time candle holders. There are some nice shaped glass jars than can be recycled. To make the candle holders you will need a jar that is not too deep so the candle will burn ok with a wide opening at the top.
Using napkins for decoration for these let the light through better. If you use card it will cut a lot of the light out and not look so effective.
Using mod podge or thinned pva glue cover the jar all around leaving the base clear. Peel the napkin so it has at least 2 layers the picture and an extra layer. You can use it as it is if you would like to see more of your napkin once the candle is in use.
Smooth the napkin onto the jar being careful not to tear it.  You can trim the napkin to fit the jar. Then when napkin is dry mod podge over the top to glaze or use a thinner coating of pva glue.
You can now decorate with braid or rope top and bottom to hide any rough edges. Using mesh you can attach and add some shells this will give the project that summer feel and everyone loves the beach and shells. you can also add a bit of sand at the base inside the jar dampen with thinned pva glue this will give the candle a good firm base and stop is sliding too much.
Once complete and your happy with your work and design light the tea light candle and drop into the jar unless you have a tea light holder that you can use to lower it into the jar. Your jar will keep alight to the length of the candle roughly around 2-3 hours. Just replace with a new candle when required. Your completed candle holders will look very effective should you have a bbq or just like to sit in the garden on a warm summer evening. You can purchase candles to prevent unwanted visitors that like to bite when its crafting

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