Sunday, 21 June 2015

Hanging Gift Box

You will need 1 piece of A4 card to make this box. 300gsm is the best
Papers to decorate.

With the 8 inch side at the top cut the card to 4 inches wide. Keep the remaining piece of card.
Using the 4" piece of card place the longest side to the top of the score board and score at 1/2" then at 1 1/2".
fold and burnish the score lines. put to one side
Using the piece of card you cut off cut the card to 7".

Then score across at 1/2" then 1 1/2" turn around and then score at other end at 1/2" and 1 1/2" the middle part should measure 4".
fold and burnish at the score lines.

Before we put the box together you will need to work out how long your box wants to be or hang down. You can shorten by cutting down at the top end of the back piece. You will also need to decide if you want to place a shaped hole for the box to hang. This can be done by using a die of your choice. Once done continue with putting the box together.

Take the back piece of card (longest) and where the 1/2" first fold is glue to the box piece of card where the gap of 4" ins.


You can now decorate the whole of the box before closing the sides or continue to the next step.

Glue each 1/2" flap on either side of the box front to the box back. Make sure you glue so the flaps do not show. Push a pencil down the sides of the box on the inside to help the glue to set.
Your box is now complete to use.

I hope this tutorial is easy to follow for you all Happy Crafting

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